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With this option it is possible to combine different criteria within one list.

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For example, a reproduction checklist can be created that includes both cows for pregnancy check and cows over fifty days into lactation that have not been seen in heat. In addition, new filter groups can be created. A filter group can be made by using different filter sets; each filter set has its own title and criteria.

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Figure 1: where to find advanced filters in Lely T4C How to set an advanced filter In figure 2 we explain the different possibilities and what they mean. Figure 2: what is what within advanced filters A: The filter group name is the title, which comes back in the routing and reporting selection.

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B: Based on the filter sets, this number indicates the number of cows that will be on the report or that will be routed if this filter group is used. Eventually via I, Save and View Report, the cow numbers can be seen.

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C: The filter set title. This filter set title can be edited. On a report using the 'filter group', the reason why a cow is on the report is also displayed.

The filter set title will be displayed as the reason. Single calf feeder With this button it is possible to expand or collapse the details of the filter set.

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E: The filter set details can single calf feeder set. This can give an extra benefit by creating the filter sets.

After they were moved to group housing period, they were fed milk replacer via an automatic feeder and were gradually weaned until day Single calf feeder weight, single calf feeder of the dam, milk feed intake per feeding, health disorders and medical treatments were recorded as well as the body weight when they were moved to group housing at weeks of life and after weaning about day Male calves were 4 — 6 kg heavier at birth than female calves; calves of pluriparous cows were 4 — 6 kg heavier than those of primiparous cows. The average milk intake in the first week of life was 6. In the second week, milk intake increased to 7.

The filter groups can be used for reports or single calf feeder tasks. This gives perfect flexibility and the option of reducing the number of reports used, thus providing a clearer overview. According to one of the validation farmers in The Netherlands, he saves 30 minutes per week because of using the advanced filters.

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