Explain the principle of working of a shaded-pole single phase induction motor

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explain the principle of working of a shaded-pole single phase induction motor sayings single life

The rotor revolves within the Stator, a fixed electromagnetic housed inside a metal frame. A drive shaft supported by bearings is fixed to the rotor, supplying torque and speed to an external mechanism.

A cooling australien partnervermittlung conducts heat from the Stator coil magnets out the rear of the motor. The conduit box holds the electric wires from the line power, and distributes them to the linings. The Stator consists of a series of flat-steel discs laminated together.

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They're aligned directionally to form channels for the Stator windings. These windings consist of layers of copper wire, which when passed through the explain the principle of working of a shaded-pole single phase induction motor create loops to form an electromagnet. The pattern of coil windings in the Stator determines the number of poles for the motor, an even number usually between 2 and The rotor channels consist of solid bars of copper, or aluminum.

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These bars are connected to rings at the front, and back of the rotor which creates a continuous high current conducting loop. In smaller motors the bars, and end rings are cast as a solid steel cylinder known as a squirrel cage.

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Aluminum, or copper conductors are embedded in the surface of the cylinder. The rotor is inserted in the stator with air gap of roughly 20,th of an inch, which is half a millimeter.

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Any more of an air gap will significantly reduce the ability of the stator to induce current flow in the rotor. Let's go over some basic electromagnetic principles.

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No no no please no. Didn't you guys study electromagnetic principles in freshman physics?


Why do you think your school forced you to learn it? Because they knew that some day maybe in the distant future you were going to study actuators in a Coursera class.

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Of course, Coursera didn't even exist before the year When we lectured, and that's if they showed up at all. Now, we get to stare right into that camera, only imagining what our students think of us. But on second hand, it's probably better for us not to know what's going on out there on the web.

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Okay, where was I yes? Recall that when an iron rod is suspended freely in a magnetic field it will align itself with the field.

E0: thermal contact. Thermal contact in motor connected in series with the winding. E: thermal contact.

If that field is rotating, the iron rod will rotate with the field, so as to maintain alignment with it. You can create a rotating magnetic field from fixed stator poles by driving each pole-pair from a different phase of the alternating current supply.

With three phase AC power you create a three phase AC motor. The stator windings induced current in the rotor windings avoiding the need for a direct electrical connection from the power dresden single stadt to the rotor.

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