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The datasets analyzed during the current study are available from the corresponding author on reasonable request. Abstract Background Celiac disease CD is one of the most common food-related chronic disorders.

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It is mediated by the dietary consumption of prolamins, which are storage proteins of different grains. So far, no therapy exists and patients are bound to maintain a lifelong diet to avoid symptoms and long-term complications.

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To support those patients we developed a tandem single chain Fragment variable tscFv acting as a neutralizing agent against prolamins. We recombinantly produced this molecule in E.

Results In this study, we introduce this novel tscFv against CD and present our strategy of obtaining active product from inclusion bodies. The refolded tscFv shows binding capabilities towards all tested CD-triggering grains. Compared to a standard polyclonal anti-PT-gliadin-IgY, the tscFv displays a slightly reduced affinity towards digested gliadin, but an additional affinity towards prolamins of barley.

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Conclusion The high binding specificity of tscFv towards prolamin-containing grains makes this novel molecule a valuable candidate to support patients suffering from CD in the future.

Electronic supplementary singles bar vienna austria The online version of this article Keywords: Celiac disease, Single chain fragment variable, E.

It is triggered by the dietary consumption of storage proteins prolamin, alcohol soluble fraction of gluten of wheat, barley, rye and others [ 34 ].

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Up to date it is still not completely clear which factors lead to the manifestation of CD. Thus, inflammations of the small bowel occur, ranging from intraepithelial lymphocytosis up to total villous atrophy combined with crypt hyperplasia [ 13 ].

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Hence, symptoms vary between asymptomatic, singles bar vienna austria manifestations, various abdominal complications, up to global malabsorption [ 36 ]. Long-term complications include malignancy, such as intestinal lymphomas and adenocarcinoma [ 378 ].

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