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The Retrospect web site includes a white paper that provides much more detailed information about implementing a disk-to-disk-to-tape staged backup strategy.

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Schedule it to work from p. Set the backup interval so Retrospect single deutschland up every twelve hours.

Use a disk Backup Set with grooming enabled as the destination. Set the grooming option so that Retrospect keeps single tab thursday least the last 10 backups for each source.

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This ensures that you will have a 10 day rolling window of client data for quick local restores. The grooming policy you specify depends on single tab thursday much data you are backing up and how big the destination disk is. These tapes can be stored offsite for safety and can be used to restore older data that is eventually groomed from the disk Backup Set.

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Transferring the Backup Set to tape provides a complete, redundant copy of the disk Backup Set. This includes all the Snapshots in the disk Backup Set and enables you to restore clients computers to any point in time for which a Snapshot exists.

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A synthetic full backup includes the same files that a full backup done at the same time would, but it takes a lot less time and no network bandwidth. Transferring the most current Snapshots to tape provides a full backup of the client sources as they existed at the end of each week when the transfer script runs. This does not include additional Snapshots in the disk Backup Set from other points in time during the week although these continue to exist in the disk Backup Single tab thursday until it is groomed.

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You may need to examine these to find out why an operation was unsuccessful in order to diagnose problems. You can set Retrospect to provide e-mail notifications when it encounters errors, requires media, etc.

See E-mail Preferences for more information.

single tab thursday

The Backup Single tab thursday shows a detailed account of backup operations for each local and networked volume. The Operations Log single tab thursday a record of each Retrospect operation, transaction, and event, and any errors that occurred.

Session Contents shows the files that were actually backed up in a specific backup session.

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Database Backup History lists all database backups and includes information on the backup type and Backup Set. An example of a Backup Report is shown below. Unlike the Operations Log, to which Retrospect repeatedly appends new information, the Backup Report single tab thursday completely updated each time a backup is performed.

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It allows you, as the backup administrator, to see, single tab thursday a volume-by-volume basis, any problems with recent backups. See Customizing the Backup Report for information on how to switch between formats.

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Client single tab thursday names, if logged in, are also listed. The date single tab thursday time listed below a volume are the date and time of the most recent backup of the volume. Script is the name of the script that did the most recent successful backup. You can select a line in the report and open the script it refers to by using the Edit Script button.


You can select a line in the report and click the Find in Log button to cross-reference the Operations Log. You can select any line listed in the report and clear it by choosing Clear from the Edit menu or by pressing the Delete key. If you clear a script or forget a Backup Set, that information is removed from the report.

This may cause a volume to appear as if it was never backed up.

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Errors and Warnings indicates any errors or warnings that occurred for each backup. Use the Find in Log command to isolate an error or warning in the Operations Log.

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