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Leaf life span LLSi.

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Paleogene climate transitions are therefore expected to be reflected by functional leaf traits and leaf economics. In this study, fossil floras from six sites in Central Europe dating back to the Paleocene, late Eocene, Early and Late Oligocene are studied, addressing the following questions: 1 How does leaf economics and LLS change through the Andrea eder single The proportion of lobed leaves, which usually tend to lower LMA and therefore to andrea eder single, increases from the older to the younger Oligocene sites.

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The results are consistent with a post-Eocene cooling trend with mild winters and the development of a drier season, both favoring a trend towards deciduous vegetation. Functional leaf traits and leaf economics in the Paleogene — A case study for Central Europe.

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Apart from seed cones, most of the vegetative remains are difficult or even impossible to accurately classify in the modern systematic schemes Apart from seed cones, most of the vegetative andrea eder single are difficult or even impossible to accurately classify in the modern systematic schemes of the genus. In the late Miocene assemblage of Pitsidia Messara Basin, southern Crete Pinus and Myrica remains dominate with thousands of vegetative and andrea eder single specimens.

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The outcrop comprises a 4. The exceptional preservation of some specimens provides significant micro-morphological and anatomical details of taxonomic value.

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The Pitsidia andrea eder single remains include dwarf shoots, long shoots, isolated needles, fascicle bracts, bud scales, male cones, isolated scales of male cones, seeds and ovulate cone scales. We were able to classify the material to at least subgenus and in some cases section.

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Both subgenera Pinus and Strobus occur in the assemblage. Concerning the dwarf shoots, three different pine species were identified, Pinus sp. PinusPinus sp.

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Strobus and the proposed new species Pinus pitsidiensis subgen. Pinus for the abundant three-needled fascicles.

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Lastly, we reconstruct the whole plant of P. Publication PDF : Pinus remains from the Pitsidia plant assemblage document coastal pine forests in southern Crete during the late Miocene.

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