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All adjustments are made with setscrews, eliminating the risk of ruining the trigger due to errors in fitting. Overtravel adjustment screw lets you set your trigger for a clean, crisp, single-stage release.

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The red spring should be used in any installation on an AR-style. Models available for rifles with.

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Measure your pins and select the correct kit. Redesigned sear geometry and advanced metallurgy result in a precision-ground sear edge that delivers a precise, consistent letoff and prevents the kind of wear that causes doubling and other problems.

Timney Abzug für AR15 1300g / 1800g

Extremely short reset enables fast follow-up shots, a critical advantage on tactical and competition rifles. Machined to exceptionally tight tolerances from hardened steel, and installs in minutes ar15 lower parts kit single stage no permanent alterations to the rifle.

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Lets you upgrade an AR or an AR-style. Disconnector spring, engagement screw, and overtravel screw are already installed; also includes disconnector, trigger return spring, hammer spring, and. Use with J. Enterprises Speed Hammer available separately for best performance. Comes with a standard weight hammer spring, for a trigger pull of between 3 and wuppertal single party. JPFC-1 fits rifles with standard.

Rock River Lower Parts Kit Single Stage Trigger Ar0120 (Lpk)

Models for rifles with either. Versand JP Speed Hammer für. Not for use with the standard factory trigger group. Separate models for rifles with the. Adjustments for sear engagement, trigger over-travel, disconnector engagement and safety lets you achieve a smooth, consistent trigger pull.

Bauteile AR-15

Sear engagement point located behind the hammer improves leverage to reduce pull weight; low mass hammer gives faster lock time. Engagement surfaces are hardened and polished for a smooth, clean-breaking pull. Trigger requires gunsmith fitting in receivers with a sear block.

Lower gibt es "nackt" von diversen Herstellern kosten Euro bei uns. Lower parts kit kostet ca 80 Euro. Was ist das für ein Lower für ,-? Wie gesagt, das Part-Kit würde ich in den USa kaufen, das gibt es dort deutlich günstiger als hier. Mit Abzugsgruppe habe ich hier noch keines für 80,- gesehen; überhaupt habe ich hier bislang nur kits ohne Abzugsgruppe gesehen.

Includes hammer, hammer spring, trigger, trigger spring and sear engagement screw. Available to fit rifles with. Das kann separat im Textfeld, in der Bestellmaske, mit angegeben werden und wird von uns dann in die Bestellung mit übernommen.

ar15 lower parts kit single stage

May be installed in AR-style. Does not fit HK weapons with firing pin safety. Kit includes trigger andhammer assemblies, springs, hammer pin, tube of grease, and illustrated instructions.

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G2S uses a different method to retain the hammer pin, different pins, and lacks laser marking. May be installed on AR-style. Kit includes trigger and hammer assemblies, springs, hammer pin, tube of grease, and installation instructions.

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The B-G2S-E gives a smooth, light 1st stage take up of 2. Special Operations Community. The B-GRF is a fast-shooting, smooth trigger ideal for 3 Gun competition and recreational shooting alike.

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It pulls like a single-stage, but resets like a two-stage. Two trigger springs are included so the B-GRF can be set up with a pull of either 4 lbs or 3.

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Does NOT convert semiautomatic rifles to automatic. It is not recommended for bench rest shooting or shooting small groups.

AR15-lower und Abzug

It is designed for CQB-style rapid target engagement and quick follow up shots. Kit includes trigger and hammer assemblies, springs, hammer pin, tube of grease and installation instructions.

Black spring is for 3. Gold and Silver colored are for 4lb pull.

Trigger shoe is curved at the top and then becomes straight, and has pronounced surface texture with raised ribs for positive, non-slip finger contact in wet, muddy, or snowy conditions. Stainless steel springs withstand rough use and resist corrosion in wet environments. Non-adjustable sear engagement. Kit includes trigger and hammer assemblies, springs, hammer pin, ar15 lower parts kit single stage of grease and instructions.

A lightweight hammer driven by a full-power hammer spring speeds locktime and delivers positive ignition of all ammo types.


All contact surfaces are ar15 lower parts kit single stage cut to exact dimensions for precise engagement free of play. Direct replacement for factory trigger; may be installed without removing the safety. All springs are captive to simplify field disassembly for cleaning. Hammer and trigger pins are a close slip-fit in nominal. First stage builds gradually to 2. A semi-auto-only version of the Geissele full-auto combat trigger presently used in the U.

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