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His professional activities comprise the Editorial Board of Environmental PollutionMembership in advisory groups, e. His professional training as a biologist included studies at the Universities of Marburg, Freiburg, and Bremen, Germany, and St.

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Andrews, Scotland. Traditional chemicals risk assessment considers chemicals one by one while organisms in the environment typically are confronted with exposure to multiple substances.

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single altenburg For single altenburg than a decade, we have been investigating mixture effects to improve environmental risk assessment. Milestones in our work comprise answers to the following questions: Can we establish bioassays that allow detection of combination effects?

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For several ecotoxicity assays from subcellular to community level we could successfully demonstrate this. Secondly, can we predict mixture toxicity based on the single altenburg about the components biological activities? For apical effects and an array of mixtures of environmental contaminants we could support the notion that extrapolative modelling is indeed possible.

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The more precise the prediction is needed, the more mechanism-based information is required. Currently, want to extend our knowledge in two directions: namely the understanding of mixture interactions single altenburg a molecular level Exposome and the combined effects under conditions of multiple stress.

single altenburg

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