What do you mean by single or taken

what do you mean by single or taken

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Quantum information Abstract Qubits based on colour centres in diamond became a prominent system for solid-state quantum information processing and sensing. But the deterministic creation of qubits and the control of their environment are still critical issues, preventing the development of a room-temperature quantum computer.

The method strongly favours the formation and negative charge state of the NV centres with respect to intrinsic diamond, while it hinders the formation of competing and perturbing defects such as di-vacancies or NVH complexes. The generality of the method is demonstrated using several donors phosphorous, oxygen and sulphur and applying it to other centres SnV and MgV in diamond. Download PDF Introduction Qubits in diamond based on the nitrogen-vacancy NV what do you mean by single or taken are widely implemented for a large range of applications like quantum information processing 1quantum sensing of magnetic fields 2electric fields 3or temperature 4 but also for nuclear magnetic resonance 5 or even to answer fundamental questions in physics 67.

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The addressing using ion implantation provides high spatial resolution 10placement accuracy 11and even deterministic countable single ions 121314 It is known that a bekanntschaften marburg part of these vacancies are lost by recombination with carbon interstitials, by formation of di-vacancies or other complexes vacancy chains, VH or by diffusion to dislocations or to the diamond surface for the shallow ones.

It was moreover shown that the proportion of vacancy complexes with respect to isolated vacancies increases with the atomic mass of the implanted ions 9 and that suitable thermal treatments enable the dissociation of vacancy chains Efforts were also made to increase the NV yield for example by co-implantation of carbon 22post-irradiation with electrons or protons to produce additional vacancies 2324 or more recently very efficiently by laser writing 25 and to understand the NV formation process 26 Not only for scalability purposes, high creation yields would ensure a clean environment free of unconverted and perturbing atoms, for example, nitrogen in the case of NV centres 28whereas a close-by donor such as nitrogen or phosphorous is necessary to keep the charge state stability 29303132 necessary for most applications.

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Furthermore, hydrogen is by orders of magnitude the most abundant impurity in ultrapure IIa CVD diamonds owing to the hydrogen plasma assisted growth but its exact concentration and role in colour centre formation are difficult to evaluate.

The low yields of implanted NV centres may also be owing to hydrogen diffusion and NV what do you mean by single or taken 93435 during the thermal treatments. Note that besides temperature 34hydrogen deuterium diffusion is known to also strongly depend on defect concentration, doping 3637or electric bias This was attributed to the charging of single vacancies otherwise mostly neutral in intrinsic diamondwhich was expected to hinder the formation of di-vacancies.

Also, the assumption that the chemical potential is pinned down enough to charge vacancies positively would then imply that substitutional nitrogen atoms are also positively charged, which may eventually hinder the formation of the NV centres if one agrees with the previous electric repulsion argument leading to less di-vacancies.

Ab initio calculations of the adiabatic charge transition levels of V and N can be found in This is one of the main questions addressed in this work. Such a situation is likely accessible using a suitable n-type doping and other questions we what do you mean by single or taken are whether using phosphorous implantation can provide enough electrically active donors phosphorous-doped CVD grown diamond is generally significantly compensated 4041 owing to the presence of acceptor defectshow alternative donors compare with phosphorous 4243and how the qubits coherence time compares with intrinsic diamond.

We firstly give evidence of the control of the charge state of single vacancies after implantation and before thermal annealingwhich we then systematically correlate to the formation efficiency of the different colour centres. The methodology consists in a sequence of ion implantations doping and colour centresthermal annealings and optical and spin characterisations using fluorescence confocal microscopy, as resumed in Fig.

The preliminary experiment consists in the implantation of carbon ions, repeated into the different doped areas in order to produce vacancies, measure their charge state before thermal annealing and evaluate the efficiency of the phosphorous and boron doping.

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For this, we follow as in Fig. Note that, as shown by Collins 44the charge state of a defect centre in diamond is depending on the presence of a close-by donor 31 or acceptor rather than the position of the chemical potential, which is moreover difficult to calculate in an insulating material under light illumination.

As seen in Fig. These damaged areas reveal the formation of vacancy complexes or even voids, also predicted by molecular dynamics simulations 9. Their occurrence at lower fluences in the B-doped region is owing to the fact that in this region, where the V0 charge state is strengthened, the isolated vacancies can group together more easily. These results confirm that isolated vacancies are preserved when they are charged, whereas vacancy complexes can form more easily when they are neutral.

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The consequences of this on the impurity-vacancy defects formation will be discussed in the next sections. The implantation-induced vacancies are simulated by SRIM.

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The density is given in number of vacancies per pixel of size 0. The red halos represent substitutional P active donors which are non-passivated and non-self-compensated.

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Less than 2. The magnifiers symbolise imaging and spectroscopy Full size image Fig. The excitation wavelength is nm and the detection is above nm to record the signal from neutral vacancies V0 GR1 centre, ZPL at nm.

The characteristic emission from the GR1 is recognised. The charge state transition levels of vacancies can be found in 27 c Average V0 fluorescence intensity with respect to the background fluorescence level given as the zero level as a function of the carbon fluence and diamond doping Full size image Note that an estimation of the efficiency of implanted phosphorous as an active donor in substitutional site, non-passivated, and non-compensated by comparing the number of created vacancies using SRIM simulations 45 and the number of phosphorous atoms previously implanted indicates that the phosphorous atoms are efficiently placed in substitutional sites and that the formation of complexes such as PH or PV passivating or compensating the donor, respectively 4647 is likely low.

NV centres: doping-dependent creation efficiency Before annealing, the fluorescence of vacancies induced by nitrogen implantation Fig.

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The pre-annealing situation is illustrated in Fig. The laser excitation is nm and a longpass filter nm is used to record the NV centres fluorescence.

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The fluorescence intensity is in logarithmic scale. A longpass filter nm is used to record V0 GR1 fluorescence. Contrarily to boron giving more NV0the effect of phosphorous on the NV charge state is minimal because for a 7.

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The Phosphorous doping induces up to a threefold yield improvement from 7. The consequence of this can now be evaluated from the NV centres fluorescence in Fig.

The NV creation yield is calculated for each implantation spot and plotted in Fig. Interestingly, the B- and P-doping give rise to very different behaviours: the creation yield is reduced for B-doping about twice lowerwhereas it is enhanced for P-doping.

what do you mean by single or taken

The NV yield has a threefold increase up to Tin-vacancy and Mg-related centres This Coulomb-driven defect engineering has also been applied to SnV and Mg-related 9 centres to establish whether the previous results are specific to NV centres or possibly a more general trend for impurity-vacancy centres. Recently, it was shown that high yields of SiV0 centres were obtained in boron-doped diamond Our method Fig. The corresponding spectra in Fig.

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