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As ofCO2 emissions generated by international air traffic will be compensated by investments single engine passenger jet climate protection projects. In the yearthe Austrian Airlines fleet consisting of 81 aircraft emitted 2.

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The CO2 emissions of the Austrian Airlines fleet increased by 6. However, emissions per passenger were slightly reduced thanks to technical progress and operational measures.

The Austrian Airlines approach to further reducing CO2 emissions is based on three pillars: 1 The further modernisation of the fleet.

single engine passenger jet

The airline began replacing its Dash turboprop aircraft with A jets in The previous conversion of the fleet from Fokker to Embraer aircraft resulted in annual frankreich frauen kennenlernen of close to 10, tonnes of fuel and thus 51, tonnes of CO2.

The airline sustainably avoids 11, tons of CO2 annually by implementing such measures.

single engine passenger jet

The airline has been compensating for all business trips of its employees since the year In this way projects involving reforestation, small hydropower plants or biomass facilities have been carried out. Passengers can compensate for their own CO2 emissions directly in the booking process at www. Climate Austria is an internationally renowned provider and guarantees the selection of high-quality climate protection projects featuring further positive ecological and socioeconomic side effects in addition to reducing the level of emissions.

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Passengers can choose to support either domestic or international projects with their compensation payment.

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